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བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས། ཁྱེད་འདིར་ཕེབས་པར་དགའ་སུ་ཞུ།།

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Latest projects and Updates...

About Me

Here's a brief information about me and my life, if any living creature has time to be interested in :)

If you are facebook junkie like me, you'll find me there too:

Here's my facebook profile

My Social Work

One of the project of my "Om Charitable Projects" is the Medical Social work, which currently supports 25 Sick and Poor Tibetans in exile and beyond, pay for their monthly medical bills.

Please visit the site, and would greatly appreciate if you'd support this noble project. I can never do this all alone. But with the help of wonderful frds and families, I am able to extend our helping hands to many Sick and Poor families in India and beyond.

Community Services

Social and Community Services are important part of me. I am currently involved heavily in my Om Charitable Projects (Medical Social Work, and the Dhumra - Children Language preservation and Musical Project).

I am very blessed to be surrounded with wonderful fans, friends, and families who are there to support my community services, so I can sustain in these projects for many years to come. Thank You!

Tibetan Children Songs

One of the challenges Tibetan parents and children face in the west is the lack of Children songs and web portals. With the help of many friends from inside, and outside Tibet, I've worked hard to put together the first Tibetan children web portal called "".

Please visit and share with your friends and families. Its a free portal with 100s of Tibetan cartoons, Children Songs, stories, and many more...

From The Blog

Gorshay Project – Free MP3

Please feel free to download the three Gorshay songs I have completed recently. These are strictly for educational use only. Hope you’ll learn and share Tibetan folk songs and dances with our […]

New music video: Song title : Sakya Gongma

Here’s a video from a live musical offering to the Sakya Gongma Rinpoche, during his visit here in Minnesota in May 2014.
Thanks Thor Anderson and Sakya Community for the […]

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