Greetings, and Tashi Delek

My name is Phurbu T. Namgyal. I am a Tibetan Musician, and a Social Worker; living here in Minneapolis, MN. I was born and raised in India, studied in TCV School through my high school, and then completed my B.Sc. in Information Systems Management, here in Minnesota. 

Aside from my role in Tibetan Music, Traveling around the world promoting Tibetan art and music, while actively engaging myself in various social works; I am also a full time employee here in the U.S. just like every other living beings here. :)  I work in the Information Technology market.

Feel free to browse through my website, listen to music, buy CD, check out videos; but don’t forget to click the links to my social work sites and make a generous contribution. :) I truly appreciate your support.

Thank You,

Phurbu T. Namgyal