Community Services

Some of the direct social work and community services, I was able to take part and contribute in:

I. Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota

  • Executive Board Member
  • July 1998 to July 2000

II. Tibetan American Foundation of Minnesota

  • Leader of the Tibetan Cultural School
  • 1997 to 2001

III. Musical Offering for “The Tibet Fund” (New York Based)

  • Offered the song “Tsomo”, in their benefit album titled “Thundril”
  • 100% of the proceed benefits The Tibet Fund programs

IV. Funding and Talent contribution for the “Project Tibet Society – Toronto Chapter”

  • 1000 Tibetan Immigrants’ fund raising drive in Canada on 7/21/2012


  • Member of the MyPledge4Tibet program
  • Co-Sponsored 1 Tibetan student for 3 years bachelor’s degree in India

VI. The Om Charity – A Medical Social Work

  • Founder/ Director
  • Supported 25+ Sick and Poor Tibetans with free monthly/ annual medical funds

VII. – First multilingual web portal for Tibetan children around the world

  • Founder
  •  Provides Tibetan language classes, Dranyen Classes, Children song streaming/ downloads among  many others, in an effort to promote and preserve Tibetan language in exile
Executive Member of TAFM (July 98′ to July 2000)
Community Service 1
Himalayan Buddhist Comm. North America – 2006
Community Service 2
TAFM Cultural Group Leader 1998 – 2001Community Service 2 1000 Tibetan Immigrants from AP to Can – 2012
Community Service 4
Canadian Tibetan Association – 2012
Community Service 5
Tibetan Dharma Center – Boston
Community Service 6